Sunday, April 8, 2012

Character Development

Here are some sketches of a robot dinosaur character I did for an illustration idea. Here I'm playing with ideas and different looks for this character. I have yet to really settle on a specific look. I think I like pieces here and there from several, so perhaps the final rendition will be an amalgam of sorts. Though, I typically don't go to these lengths with all my illustrations (especially for just a single illustration), whenever I can, I'll make every effort to try and do so, cause I'm quickly realizing the benefit of it.  Since my goal is to push my character designing, I see it as a very necessary step in the process.

I have another character in need of designing, which means more sketches to come...


  1. Really love these characters, and especially how the illustrations featuring one turned out in your more recent post. Came across this blog while googling dinosaur characters for inspiration in my own illustration projects and had to check out your blog to see more... Great work!

  2. Thanks! Always nice to hear. So are you a fellow illustrator?

  3. Yessir! I'd say a sort digital artist of various flavors could describe what I do - Vector and raster illustration, pixel art, a dabbling of 3D modelling and puppeting... but I mostly enjoy the art of making animations, so that is the primary focus of work I usually seek out or am approached for, whether it's for video games (mostly all I'm doing this last year) or music videos, etc.. I love to draw, and the challenge of nailing down the illustrative style a project is looking to achieve, but I do recognize that I'm much less able to render a drawing with precise confidence or arrive at a final product with proficient speed and grace. But I feel quite more natural at animating artwork even when it's not of my design or usual art direction.

    So I like to practice as often as possible between contract work by finding artwork that speaks to me in a smile-making way, or subjects that get me into a sketching frenzy, then go to town looking at those as references to get better at capturing the essence of what made me like it so much.

    Your drawing/painting style really caught my eye, and it is a lot of fun to explore how your final illustrations came to be from the initial sketches. So thanks so much for showing those multi-phase progress shots because it was a great study material in how you lay down each color pass. I'll be watching your blog more, as I really enjoy the cartoony/cute look to your characters with the logical/refined coloring and the palettes that tie them all together (at least from the things I have seen!)

    I've been too busy to update my portfolio site, and there is a lot of animation and current work that still needs put up there, but I do have a home for my works and blogging (rarely) at and also some older postings if you follow the content found behind my comment avater since I used to post through Blogger more.

    Thanks for asking, though, as I really came to just give you some praise through a comment because I know it does feel good to hear from time to time! People won't always take the time to put their thoughts into a comment, though, so it's sometimes hard to tell how a blog is being received, or if others are really following along at all, haha. So I'm glad you got the message!

    It's way too late, I'm far too punchy and tired, so my apologies for any excessive rambling in this post. Toddler is awake and I have no idea where the energy came from. Waiting for her fumes to wear off so I can finally pass out :)

    Keep it up and take care!