Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Double Trouble!

Subtle changes were made to make the idea clearer.

It's definitely nice to have peers that can give you some honest feedback! While working on this piece, I found myself struggling making it clear that these two girls were twins. I played out some ideas in my head but wasn't fully sold on them. Luckily I was fortunate enough to have some illustrator friends that I can bounce ideas off of. I found having an open dialogue with others and being able to talk through the problem was very useful. The result - I feel - is a much stronger piece!

So thanks again my fellow MB Artists!

Here's a previous version. It was a nice illustration but I was not convinced people could tell the two girls were suppose to be sisters...

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  1. Mr. Wu,
    I am looking to start a career as an illustrator. I hold a BA in art from many moons ago, and have decided to take up drawing again as this is where I am strongest. Airplanes, rockets, starfighters and animals are my strongest areas of subject matter, and I am trying to get portraiture down. In terms of portfolio content, should we stick to subject matters that we are best at? Also, how varied should mediums be? Dabbling with oil pastels and had a frightening first attempt.
    Love oil paint, but am best in the pointed edge of a pencil. Also am strong in Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for any advice